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Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
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Exploring the environment around us.
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Making healthier communities.

Why Clear Paths?

People need equal opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Clear Paths provides inclusive accessible sport and recreation cycling for all ages and genders. We achieve this through skills workshops, in rural, urban and First Nation communities, to inspire connection to the outdoors.


Providing inclusive accessible sport and recreation cycling for all ages and genders.

What We Do

Clear Paths Trials Skills & Bicycle Safety

Skills Training

Cyclist gathered around a mural in winnipeg's north end on the Traditional Trails bike ride, touring places of historic significance in Treaty One Territory land to honor reconciliation.

Interpretive Tours

Photo of cyclists going for a mtb ride in Manitoba.

Trail Consultation

Who We Are


Adrian Alphonso has devoted his life to a journey of discovering. He is a commuter, a coach, a professional stunt rider (Trials), a bicycle technician, a passionate guide and ultimately, a man who is dedicated to the outdoors.

In the early 90’s, Alphonso’s family was fortunate to live in a Winnipeg community with kilometers of single track trails, along the Winnipeg River System. As an adolescent, the ability to stay close to home was important. He started ‘cutting’ trails with friends to hone his skills. This naturally led to developing friendships through the local cycling community. “They called my bike the clown bike because it always squeaked, honked, or creaked” Says Alphonso.  Joining the Manitoba Provincial Cycling Team as a youth, allowed access to performance coaching and training opportunity. This is where Adrian learnt self-reliance, respect for community, and most importantly, organized teamwork.

Bicycle Stunt riding (Trials) is what Alphonso is popularly known for, and uses stunt to engage audiences to promote safety. Making trips to schools, festivals and rural communities also allows him an opportunity to encourage sports among all demographics. This has been an effective asset to connect with cyclists of all levels.

Having co-lead a variety of guided tours for both urban and wilderness, he uses bicycles as a tool for groups to reconnect with nature. Adrian is passionate about indigenous perspective bicycle rides, and leads tours sites of arts and historic significance in Treaty One Territory land, to honor reconciliation.

With the ‘recreational trail’ user in mind, Alphonso’s efforts have been in spreading awareness for accessible and sustainable trail networks. Having been on countless committees and boards, for both profit and non-profit, he has developed an understanding and respect for the process of planning. Currently he holds board positions with Manitoba Cycling Association, Trails Manitoba and International Mountain Bike Association of Canada. In 2018, Alphonso was a recipient of CBC Future 40 award.


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